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Personnel – Technicians’ Network


The personnel of Care Security is chosen with rigorous criteria of general knowledge, academic studies and character traits in order to maintain the superior level of the company, the absolute security of life and property of the customer as well as to ensure confidentiality towards him.

The Technical Personnel is comprised by experienced, well-educated technicians with outstanding technical training, that can deal with the various issues of the security of life and property with the high sense of responsibility and seriousness that characterizes them, along with the confidentiality and trustworthiness that is expected by them. According to the present legal framework, they are all graduated electronic technicians with a license in the installation of security systems.

The tireless spirit of cooperation, their high professionalism and the absolute compliance to procedures are only some of the few qualities that our customers enjoy.

Technicians’ Network

Care Security has in its disposal partners all over Greece. Those partners are also carefully chosen with rigorous criteria.